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Small Business Tax Credit Calculator

The Small Business Majority has released a tax credit calculator that estimates the tax credit a small business will receive for offering health insurance under health reform. Click here to access the calculator.

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Economic Impacts

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Roadmap to State Health Insurance Exchanges

Small Business Majority, an NCHC partner, and the Center for American Progress developed a report, SHOPping Around: Setting up Health Care Exchanges for Small Businesses: A Roadmap. The report provides state legislators with both the necessary information and toolkit for establishing competitive health insurance exchanges for small businesses.

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InsurancePolicy Implementation

The Affordable Act: What It Means for You

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the passage of health reform legislation, Consumers Union developed a guide entitled The Affordable Care Act: The First Year. The guide outlines what the law means for consumers based on their current health insurance coverage, as well as details how the law pertains to owners and employees of small businesses.

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Realizing Cost Savings from Health Promotion Programs

Vitality Group research of more than 300,000 participants demonstrated that wellness programs incorporating positive incentives can lead to behavior change, which over time will result in lower healthcare expenditures. Vitality is a comprehensive health and wellness solution that educates, assists and motivates individuals to engage in a broad set of verified activities with proven outcomes.

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CostPrevention & Wellness

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