RSVP: Freshman Briefing on Medicaid Fundamentals APRIL 8, 2019 BY The National Coalition on Health Care is pleased to invite you to the second in a series of bipartisan health care briefings by and for Freshman offices. This time, we will be discussing the Fundamentals of Medicaid. We are pleased to be joined by leading experts … Read more

Withholds, Accountable Care, and Affordable Medicare Policy

America’s health system faces a crisis of value. In an effort to stimulate dialogue and offer opportunities to learn about emerging and resurgent ideas for addressing this crisis, the National Coalition on Health Care is launching its NCHC Forums, an ongoing  program of monthly educational briefings that will showcase a rich variety of speakers and … Read more

Transforming Primary Care: Scaling Up Successful Medical Home Programs

SPEAKERS Margaret E. O’Kane, President, National Committee on Quality Assurance: Advancing Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) Shawn Martin, Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement, and Policy, American Academy of Family Physicians: Scaling Up Successful Medical Home Programs K. Eric De Jonge, MD, Director of Geriatrics, MedStar Washington Hospital Center: Independence at Home—the Case for National Access SUMMARY Are advanced medical home models the key to health … Read more

The Escalating Costs of Health Coverage: Causes, Impacts, and Options

SPEAKERS Paul Ginsburg, Director, Brookings Institution Center on Health Policy, and Chair in Health Policy Studies, Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, University of Southern California: Fostering Competition in Consolidated Markets Sara Collins, Vice President, Health Care Coverage and Access, Commonwealth Fund: The Problem of Underinsurance Damon A. Silvers, Director of Policy and Special Counsel, AFL-CIO: The Escalating Costs of Health Coverage Scott A. … Read more

Sugary Drinks, A Public Health Challenge: Using Tax Policy to Promote Wellness and Prevention

SPEAKERS Rachel Johnson, PhD, Professor of Nutrition and the University of Vermont Chair, Nutrition Committee, American Heart Association Michael F. Jacobson, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest Robert Greenstein, Founder and President, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities SUMMARY Consumption of added sugar is one of the most significant public health hazards of our time. Research shows that excess … Read more