New York Health Care Summit: Strategies for Improving the Affordability of Care and Coverage

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October 26

Please join us as an outstanding group of leading health care experts discuss strategies for improving the affordability of health care and coverage – for employers, patients and families, and public programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA marketplaces.

We will examine the underlying causes of escalating health care costs — and a wide range of options for cutting costs while increasing the quality of care. Among the topics:
• how to improve the coordination, delivery, and efficiency of care;
• how to make markets for insurance and health care services more competitive and efficient;
• how to slow the rates of increase in prescription drug prices;
• how to provide better and more efficient care to high-need, high-cost patients; and
• how to reduce the demand for care by decreasing and treating unhealthy behaviors.

*Speakers and details coming soon.



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