Medicare Cliff: Who’s Impacted by Projected 52% Jump in Medicare Premiums? Will Washington Do Something About It?

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Jane Cheshire Gilbert, Director of Retiree Health Care, Kentucky Teacher’s Retirement System: Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System

Tricia Neuman, Senior Vice President and Director of Program on Medicare Policy and Project on Medicare’s Future, Kaiser Family Foundation:  Medicare Part B Premium and Deductible: What’s in Store for 2016?

Andrew Scholnick, Senior Legislative Representative, AARP:  Impact of Medicare Part B Increases on Beneficiaries

Shannon McMahon, Deputy Secretary for Health Care Financing, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene:  View from Maryland: Impact of Medicare Part B Premium Increases


Can Congress or the administration stop a 52% jump in medicare Part B premiums and deductibles? If initial projects from the Medicare Trustees’ Report bear out, millions of Medicare beneficiaries could be impacted by Part B premium and deductible increases of up to 52%. Our distinguished panel of experts and advocates will identify who could be affected, explore the roots of this problem current statute and health care spending and explain the impact of this potential cost-shift on family finances and state budgets.


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