For Immediate Release: Statement on Texas v. U.S. Decision

NCHC Writer

Today, the National Coalition on Health Care released the following statement regarding the Federal District Court Decision in Texas v. U.S.:

The highly flawed Texas court ruling threatens to increase costs for almost every American at the individual level, as no cost preventive benefits, lifetime limits and out-of-pocket limits would disappear. For taxpayers and all those who pay premiums, tools to bring more generic drugs to market, to pay smarter for hospital and other care, to require the wealthy to pay more to keep Medicare solvent, and to demand that information be shared and used to improve care and value for patients would all disappear.

Since the enactment of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the per capita cost growth rates of Medicare and Medicaid have been below their historic averages. The ACA gives Medicare and Medicaid program leaders, regardless of their political party, new tools to improve the value and affordability of health care for all Americans. These tools include new payment methods, adding new preventive benefits to coverage, closing the Medicare drug benefit “donut hole”, and testing innovative approaches to organizing and paying for services, such as a new diabetes prevention benefit being made available to Medicare beneficiaries. As an organization, we are committed to improving the affordability of coverage for every actor in the health care space,  consumers, patients, and all purchasers of health care, including employers, Medicare, Medicaid, and other public and private programs and plans. The ACA does just that.

The National Coalition on Health Care is committed to working with the 116th Congress to build on the ACA’s foundation for affordability and sustainability, and secure its benefits and protections for all Americans.