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The U.S. health care system needs to shift from treatment of preventable diseases towards their prevention.

From Rx for Reform

Containing Costs and Avoiding Tax Increases While Improving Quality: Affordable Coverage and High Value Care

The National Coalition on Health Care’s recommendations, based upon the consensus view of 85 member organizations, to make the system less complex, reduce overly high prices, and create a truly competitive health care marketplace. The goal of the paper is to augment the NCHC Principles and Specifications with a more detailed and selective set of policy recommendations on cost containment and quality improvement.

From Facts & Research

Realizing Cost Savings from Health Promotion Programs

Vitality Group research of more than 300,000 participants demonstrated that wellness programs incorporating positive incentives can lead to behavior change, which over time will result in lower healthcare expenditures. Vitality is a comprehensive health and wellness solution that educates, assists and motivates individuals to engage in a broad set of verified activities with proven outcomes.

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CostPrevention & Wellness

Are You Choosing the Right Foods?

The USDA introduced Choose My Plate to replace the food pyramid, and promote food recommendations in line with the revised nutrition guidelines. The plate-shaped icon displays the portion of the recommended food groups, with vegetables and fruits accounting for half of the dish, while grains and proteins make up the other half. With portion size clearly delineated, the USDA is promoting health eating habits and wellness, a necessary step in reducing long-term health care expenditures.

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Prevention & Wellness

Socio-Economic Status and Smoking

Legacy released a report on the relationship between socio-economic status and smoking. Legacy found a strong correlation between the two.

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DisparitiesPrevention & WellnessVulnerable Populations

By 2016, approximately 8.4 million Californians may be eligible to apply for the state’s insurance market exchange.

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