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Geographic and demographic differences dramatically impact access to quality and affordable health care in America.

From Rx for Reform

Containing Costs and Avoiding Tax Increases While Improving Quality: Affordable Coverage and High Value Care

The National Coalition on Health Care’s recommendations, based upon the consensus view of 85 member organizations, to make the system less complex, reduce overly high prices, and create a truly competitive health care marketplace. The goal of the paper is to augment the NCHC Principles and Specifications with a more detailed and selective set of policy recommendations on cost containment and quality improvement.

From Facts & Research

Socio-Economic Status and Smoking

Legacy released a report on the relationship between socio-economic status and smoking. Legacy found a strong correlation between the two.

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DisparitiesPrevention & WellnessVulnerable Populations

The Effects of Cost-Sharing on the Health of Vulnerable Populations

Health care experts have warned that cost-sharing, the share of medical costs by insurers and patients, is a deterrent for low-income patients to seeking health care services. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has published a new study entitled “Cost-sharing: Effects on Spending and Outcomes.”

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CostCoverageDelivery System ReformsDisparitiesEconomic ImpactsInsurancePolicy ImplementationSimplified AdministrationVulnerable Populations

Adults and Cigarette Smoking: Prevalence and Trends

The National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation (NATC) has produced a fact sheet on the national prevalence and trends of U.S. adults and cigarette smoking.

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DisparitiesPrevention & WellnessTrends

In 2007, the six largest U.S. pharmaceutical companies gave out over 260 million drug samples worth a total of $3.2 billion.

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