Member Spotlight: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

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NCHC member National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a bold vision: a world free of multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a very aggressive disease affecting the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves in the eyes, and a staggering 2.3 million people worldwide are living with the disease.

The National MS Society is working to stop MS in its tracks and enhance the lives of people who are impacted by it. While the Society has chapters and holds events to raise awareness all across the country, it is especially active in its advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill.

The National MS Society is pursuing several policy priorities, namely obtaining funding for MS research, advancing home modification policies, increasing access to health care and quality coverage, ensuring Medicaid stabilization, and enhancing transparency of costs and coverage. Though these are all vital policy priorities for MS advocates, they are equally important for anyone living with a disability or illness.

The National MS Society has been an important NCHC ally on value-based payment reform and Medicaid issues, and in recent months, has been speaking out about high prescription drug costs. Furthermore, NCHC recently extended its support to the Society’s efforts to ensure access to complex rehabilitation technology (i.e. power wheelchair lifts and cushions)—a benefit that is key to high-value outcomes and function for some MS patients.

The work the National MS Society is doing is truly invaluable to the health care affordability and access movement. NCHC is proud to partner with an organization committed to its mission of enhancing health care for those who need it most.

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