Nation’s Largest Health Care Coalition Says “It Is Time” for Political Leaders to Put Aside Partisanship and Commit to Health Care Reform

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Letter to Presidential Candidates and Members of Congress Includes Detailed Policy Recommendations

The National Coalition on Health Care – in a letter to both major presidential candidates and every member of Congress – has urged political leaders to “commit to putting aside partisan and ideological differences – and to reforming America’s health care system – in the national interest.”

In the letter, the Coalition called on Senators John McCain and Barack Obama and their colleagues in the Congress to “make health care reform a personal, as well as a national, priority.”

For additional information, please click on the press release.

Statements to the Platform Committees

Prior to the August national conventions, the National Coalition on Health Care submitted statements on the need for comprehensive health care reform to both the Platform Committee of the Democratic National Committee and the Platform Committee of the Republican National Committee.

You can read the whole statements by clicking on either the Democratic National Committee or the Republican National Committee.

For the Members Only webpage, click here.