NCHC Supports Governors’ Call for Bipartisan Market Reforms Instead of Disruptive Medicaid Cuts

NCHC Writer
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A statement by National Coalition on Health Care President and CEO John Rother on Friday’s bipartisan Governors’ letter to Senate leadership and recent developments in the Senate health care debate
“On behalf of the more than 80 national provider, payer, and consumer organizations we represent, NCHC joins these Governors in their opposition to AHCA’s Medicaid cuts and supports their call for bipartisan efforts to promote stability and affordability in the private market.
“Today, state- and private-sector-led initiatives are increasingly yielding better care outcomes at a lower costs. We can build on that progress – so long as federal policy supports rather than disrupts it.
“Unfortunately, recent reports suggest the Senate may be about to double down on the fundamental flaw of the House bill –  using Medicaid caps and rollback of Medicaid expansion to offset repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s tax provisions. The result would be hundreds of billions of dollars shifted onto state taxpayers, seniors, disabled Americans, and low-income families. Millions of Americans would lose coverage beginning in 2018.
“Faced with a disruption of this magnitude, crucial private sector and state-led reforms aimed at actually saving costs could be undermined.
“Time remains for the Senate to choose a more bipartisan approach that saves costs rather than shifts them. The future of affordable health care for everyone – taxpayers, employers, and families – is at stake.”