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Statement of Robert Ray
Former Governor of Iowa and NCHC Co-Chair
Cost of Inaction Press Briefing
National Press Club
May 19, 2003

Business Concerns on Health Care Crisis

  • The problems we face in health care are of an unprecedented magnitude and neither actions to date nor proposals currently before Congress are adequate to address them.
  • Solutions will require major, comprehensive reforms rather than the “patchwork” efforts of the past.
  • Business cannot handle this crisis alone.
  • Businesses that provide health insurance to their employees cannot sustain the current rate of increase in the cost of health insurance and the inequitable cost shifting to them which results.
  • The rising costs increasingly are hurting profitability and viability and stymieing development, growth, and job creation.
  • The cost of action – of implementing the reforms that will be necessary – over time is far less than the cost of inaction.
  • There is strong and growing support for comprehensive health system reform among business leaders and the public.
  • Business leaders in our Coalition are challenging our elected officials to embark on a search for workable solutions to the nation’s most pressing domestic problem.

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