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In commending today’s launch of the bipartisan Moment of Truth Project, the National Coalition on Health Care and the NCHC Action Fund called upon the project’s co-chairs, Erskine Bowles and Senator Alan Simpson, to make addressing system-wide health care cost containment a key element of their efforts to restore fiscal responsibility.

“It cannot be ignored that the exponential growth in costs throughout the entire American health system poses perhaps the gravest threat to the Nation’s long term economic well-being,” said Ralph G. Neas, President and CEO of the Coalition and NCHC Action Fund.

“The federal government’s fiscal problems cannot be addressed in a vacuum. Long-term measures are needed to bring down the health related spending growth that threatens local, state and federal budgets, as well as the future of every family and business in America. Achieving economic sustainability with high value care marries the interests of all — patients, payers, providers, and suppliers.

With a commitment to developing bipartisan solutions, the Bowles-Simpson team now has an opportunity to help contain America’s health costs while improving value for consumers. Courageous bipartisanship and the engagement of all stakeholders are needed now to contain costs while protecting the middle-class and our most vulnerable populations in order to develop a value–based and fiscally sustainable health system.”

Moment of Truth Project Launch:


NCHC and Action Fund Press Statement 3.8.11.pdf

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