Green Tea For Weight Loss: Benefits & Tips To Drink 2024

Heather Freudenthal
Dr. Maggie Herrmann, PT, DPT
Green tea is an invigorating and safe drink to help reach your desired weight. Learn the best ways to drink green tea for weight loss.
green tea for weight loss
Learn the benefits of green tea for weight loss. Photo: Ba Le Ho

Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis[1] plant, the same plant that produces black and oolong teas. To make green tea, the plant leaves are pulled, cooked, then dried to prevent oxidation. Green tea has been used medicinally for centuries in Asian cultures to treat a variety of ailments. More recently, some people have turned to green tea for weight loss.

Some studies have suggested that green tea may be beneficial for weight loss. In this article, we will discuss green tea’s benefits for weight loss, as well as the best ways and times to drink it.

Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, it can be. Green tea has many medicinal uses, including mitigating disease risk and assisting in weight loss. However, the impact green tea has on weight loss may not be significant and can vary depending on the amount consumed and the individual consuming it.

Green tea can be consumed in tea or supplement form for various purposes. However, dosage and frequency should be discussed with a qualified medical provider if one’s weight is a serious health issue.

Green Tea Benefits For Weight Loss

Is green tea good for weight loss? It certainly can be, but the results are mixed.

Green tea can be consumed as a hot beverage or by taking it in supplement form. This is because compounds in green tea such as antioxidants and caffeine may help suppress appetite and aid in weight loss.

In one study,[2] epigallocatechin, a plant nutrient found in green tea leaves, was used in high dosages to see how it altered appetite in healthy women. The study found that participants who were given epigallocatechin experienced overall delayed gastric emptying, which increased satiety for longer periods of time.

In addition to epigallocatechin, there are studies that suggest that caffeine[3] may also play a role in fat and weight reduction. Caffeine may improve insulin resistance and pancreatic beta cell function. These cells are responsible for insulin release.

Green tea has been studied and deemed a good dietary supplement to treat obesity[4] and can be particularly beneficial for weight loss in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.[5]

Despite these promising findings, some studies[6] claim that while the effects of green tea are measurable, they are not significant. This may be because green tea must be taken at higher doses[7] to be effective for weight loss. But higher doses could have harmful effects[8] on the gastrointestinal system, liver, and kidneys.

Therefore, green tea taken in moderate, healthy amounts may not significantly help with weight loss, but it can aid the process in conjunction with other crucial methods such as healthy diets and exercise.

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Best Time To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

green tea for weight loss
Green tea is an excellent alternative to coffee for caffeine. Photo: Deenida/Shutterstock

The best time to drink green tea for weight loss is roughly an hour and a half before you plan to exercise. Ingesting the compounds and caffeine in the tea 90 minutes before a workout[9] has been shown to help speed up fat oxidation during physical activity.

Another great time to drink green tea is in the morning due to its caffeine content. Additionally, it may help to start your day with green tea before introducing other food. One study showed that the body can better utilize green tea’s health benefits when it is taken on an empty stomach.[10]

However, do not skip breakfast entirely. To lose weight, after having your green tea in the morning, wait about an hour before eating a healthy breakfast consisting of high-quality protein and fat, whole grains, and fiber. Minimize sugar intake by choosing the right fruits including berries, citrus fruits, and kiwis.

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink To Lose Weight?

How much green tea one needs to have to lose weight varies depending on the person. There are more safety concerns[11] when taking large amounts of green tea extract for weight loss than there are about drinking brewed green tea.

Consuming two or three cups of green tea a day is generally considered a safe and effective amount for weight loss. However, this amount of tea alone will not provide significant weight loss benefits. Rather, green tea should be part of an overall healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet.

For a nutritious weight loss diet, try to keep carbohydrate intake between 50 and 120 grams per day. This range may be adjusted slightly based on the individual, their unique nutritional needs, and their weight loss goals. Introducing a few cups of green tea a day and reducing carbs can help initiate healthy weight loss.

How To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

green tea for weight loss
You can try many different delicious green tea recipes. Photo: robinimages2013/Shutterstock

Knowing how to drink green tea for weight loss comes down to understanding how much is safe to consume, when the best time to consume it is, and how to prepare the tea. Let’s dive into more details about drinking green tea for maximum health benefits.

Consume The Right Amount

How much green tea to lose weight? Generally drink no more than three cups of green tea per day, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Consume At The Right Time

A great time to drink green tea is in the morning. Avoid drinking green tea too late in the day so that the caffeine does not interfere with your sleep. Also drink green tea on an empty stomach before breakfast to curb your appetite and eat less overall.

Another great time to drink green tea is roughly 90 minutes before exercising. This will enhance your body’s fat-burning efficiency, maximizing the results.

Prepare Your Tea Correctly

Steep green tea for at least five minutes to allow all the nutrients to seep into the water. After this, you can enjoy the tea hot or cold.

Avoid adding any sweeteners or milk to your green tea, as this can add unwanted calories. An ideal green tea recipe for weight loss should not include anything that would inhibit or counteract your goals such as sugar and heavy cream. Instead, add a slice of lemon or ginger to your tea if you want to try a different taste of green tea.

Pick The Best Type Of Green Tea

Experiment with different types of green teas as there are many! Although all green teas have similar health benefits, matcha green tea[12] in particular may help the body metabolize carbohydrates more efficiently, which can aid in weight loss.

Other Considerations For Weight Loss

Related Diseases

Green tea not only has positive effects on weight loss but also on individuals with health conditions such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes.

If you are already under medical care for one of these conditions and/or taking medication to control them, speak with your doctor about adding green tea or green tea supplements to your wellness routine.

Remember, drinking green tea for weight loss is a supplemental way to assist the process, but will not be the sole driver for weight loss. Keep this in mind as you incorporate two or three cups of green tea into your daily routine, which should include exercise.


Adding in physical activity to the equation can help you lose roughly one pound per week. Depending on your weight loss goals, this may not seem like a great deal, but losing weight safely can take some time and can vary when you factor in age, gender, and starting weight. If you stay consistent with your diet and exercise, you can see more significant results within a few months.

Cardio, strength training, and even walking are great exercises to reduce belly fat. Walking not only supports weight loss, but it also improves heart health and stabilizes blood sugar.

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Green tea can be taken as a supplement, however, you may also wish to add other supplements to your regime. Adding weight loss supplements and fat burners may be beneficial and more suited to your body. However, this should be discussed with your doctor before use.


Consuming green tea is an excellent practice to assist weight loss efforts. Plant compounds in green tea help delay gastric emptying, which curbs appetite, and the caffeine can help boost metabolism and fat burning. However, most evidence suggests that the weight loss benefits of green tea alone are not significant. Rather, a more holistic weight loss plan is needed for good weight loss results.

Green tea should not be consumed in excess due to potentially harmful health effects, particularly for those with liver, heart, or kidney problems. Instead, it’s best to incorporate green tea into your daily life in modest amounts (two to three cups per day at most) and approach weight loss holistically with adjustments to diet and exercise habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which green tea is best for weight loss?

While all types of green tea can be beneficial for weight loss, some studies suggest that matcha in particular can help boost carbohydrate metabolism, making it especially helpful for weight loss.

Can I get slim by drinking green tea?

No. You cannot get slim by drinking green tea alone. Green tea can help you slim down when it is part of an overall healthy diet and when you are also engaging in other healthy habits, such as walking.

Are two cups of green tea enough for weight loss?

Yes, however, not by itself. It is advised to drink between two and three cups of green tea per day to help reduce body weight while attending to your diet or physical activity.

Can I drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach?

Yes. The timing of food can change how green tea affects the body. Green tea’s antioxidants and plant compounds are more bioavailable when ingested without food.

Who should not drink green tea?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid green tea. Anyone sensitive to caffeine should also avoid drinking green tea, as well as anyone with heart, liver, or kidney problems.

Will I lose weight if I drink three cups of green tea a day?

Not necessarily. Drinking two or three cups of green tea a day can assist in weight loss and provide numerous health benefits.

Do I have to drink green tea hot?

No. Brewed green tea requires steeping in hot water at first, but does not have to be consumed hot. Once the antioxidants and other nutrients infuse the water, you can enjoy the green tea hot or cold.


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