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September 4, 2002Intensive Care Units: Report Describes How to Make Dramatic Improvements in the Quality of our Nation’s ICU CareMay 16, 2002Better Management of Chronic Diseases Subject of Conference, ReportMarch 15, 2002Support Grows for Comprehensive Health System Reform as Major Groups Join National CoalitionFebruary 11, 2002Increase in the Number of Insured Children Shows Progress, But Major Problems PersistJanuary 31, 2002Tax Credits Need To Be Sufficient Enable Lower-income Families To Buy Health InsuranceNovember 20, 2001Converging Forces Could Add 6 Million To Number of UninsuredNovember 13, 2000Quality Improvement Grant Will Help Disseminate “Best Practices” in Health CareOctober 12, 2000Report Highlights Improvements in Quality of Care at End of LifeOctober 3, 2000Care at the End of Life: How good can it be? Where can you get it?September 28, 2000America’s Uninsured: How Many Are Too Many?May 5, 2000Rising Health Insurance Premiums Will Increase Problems of Coverage and QualityFebruary 22 , 2000Conference Addresses How to Reduce Medical ErrorsJanuary 26, 2000President Carter, Leaders Call for Bi-Partisan Action to Achieve Universal Health Insurance ConverageJanuary 7, 2000Iowa Governors Issue Bi-partisan Call for Action on Health Care1999 Press Releases1998 Press Releases1997 Press Releases1996 Press Releases1995 Press Releases