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“The failure of the House of Representatives to pass its ACA repeal and replace legislation is positive for healthcare and for the health and financial security of all Americans.We hope Congress will now abandon efforts to advance any bill that shifts hundreds of billions in federal Medicaid costs onto states and beneficiaries or leaves tens of millions fewer Americans with coverage – as this one would have.

“There is, however, still much that must and can be done to address costs that are far too high both for the federal budget and for individuals. The National Coalition on Health Care, which is made up of more than 90 major organizations representing providers, payers, and patients, believes that bipartisan progress toward improving the value of our health system is still possible. In particular, we urge Congress and the Administration to address the unsustainable high costs of prescription drugs, the need to better coordinate care for our sickest patients – those with multiple chronic conditions, and the importance of strengthening programs for disease prevention and population health. The stakes are too high to further delay constructive measures that can make healthcare more affordable.”