Stakeholder Coalition Hails Alexander-Murray Deal as ‘Heartening News

NCHC Writer
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Statement by National Coalition on Health Care President and CEO John Rother on the announcement of a bipartisan deal to fund Cost-Sharing Reduction payments and expand states’ flexibility through Section 1332 waivers

“The Alexander-Murray deal to stabilize the non-group health insurance markets is heartening news for Americans’ health care. No market, plan, provider, or family can long function with the level of uncertainty we’ve experienced over recent months.  It’s long past time that a stabilization deal, as well as other key health funding measures, landed on President Trump’s desk.

“After Finance Committee passage of the KIDS Act, full Senate passage of the CHRONIC Care Act, and today’s announcement, lawmakers increasingly have the elements of progress in hand.  They have the capacity to forestall disruption to American families’ coverage and access and  curb chronic care costs, even as we all prepare for a broader debate about how to make health care more affordable.

“But with millions of Americans choosing a health plan starting November 1, state CHIP budgets running out, and health center and medical training funding expired, Americans cannot wait much longer for this Congress to govern.”