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Judge Rules in Favor of Arizona Medicaid Cuts

A judge ruled that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer can legally reduce enrollment in the state’s Medicaid program as a means to balance the budget. The state has barred childless adults with incomes above the federal limit for Medicaid from either enrolling or re-enrolling in the program; a move that is projected to save $207 million this year.

Arizona State Legislature Passes a Bill to Allow Out-of-State Insurance Plans

 On April 13, 2011, the Arizona State Legislature voted to pass a bill, SB 1593, that would allow insurance companies from other states to sell plans within Arizona.

Arizona Facing Medicaid Underfunding of $1 Billion

Arizona’s Medicaid program is facing a one billion dollar shortfall when additional funding from the federal recovery bill expires in July 2011.

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Arizona Resources

Arizona: 2010 Tobacco Fact Sheet

The Legacy Foundation’s 2010 fact sheet on Arizona’s tobacco usage and state laws.

Issue Area: Arizona and Childhood Obesity

America’s battle with obesity has become an issue of national concern. Increasing numbers America’s children, are considered obese, which means having a body mass index (BMI) over 30%. However, the federal and state governments are taking steps to combat America’s obesity problem. This fact sheet discusses obesity, as it relates to Arizona residents, and what Arizona’s government is doing to help their constituents.  

Arizona Health Coverage Profile

Having access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage is a critical aspect of ensuring that one receives adequate medical care. Most individuals receive their health insurance coverage through an employer, though many others gain coverage through public programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid. Others go uninsured because they are unable to afford any such coverage. This fact sheet discusses where Arizona residents get their insurance and what this means for Arizona as a whole.

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