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Following MA Health Reform, Demand for Safety-Net Hospitals Remains High

Following health reform in 2006, safety-net hospitals and community health centers, which were originally created to serve the underserved and uninsured, have not seen a decrease in demand. Despite Massachusetts’ law mandating health insurance coverage, the number of patients receiving care from community health centers increased by 31 percent between 2005 and 2009, while individuals seeking care at safety-net hospitals rose 9.2 percent in non-emergency ambulatory care and 1.8 percent in inpatient admissions.

Massachusetts Health Care Reform Increased Access

According to a recent Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health study, Massachusetts health care reform increased access to health care services and reduced disparities.

Massachusetts Lawmakers Reach Deal on Municipal Health Care

Governor Deval Patrick and state legislators reached an agreement on a plan to reduce the cost to cities and towns providing health insurance to municipal employees. The deal would provide cities and towns more flexibility to make changes in co-payments, deductibles and other aspects of public health insurance that fall outside of the collective bargaining process.

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