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Charlottesville, VA Attempts to Establish CHC

Like in many communities throughout the country, officials in Charlottesville, VA, are seeking to establish a community health center to fill the gap between free clinics and major hospitals systems for area residents.

Virginia’s Dedication to Innovation in Health Care Delivery

According to the Commonwealth Fund, Virginia, while opposing the individual mandate and its possible repercussions on employers and cost, recognizes that Virginia’s health care system faces significant challenges.

Some U.Va. Employees Face Premium Increases

University of Virginia employees with low-premium plans will see no change in their health insurance premiums next year while those in high-premiums plans will see an increase of 3%.

Virginia Resources

Virginia: 2010 Tobacco Fact Sheet

The Legacy Foundation’s 2010 fact sheet on Virginia’s tobacco usage and state laws.

Virginia and Tobacco Use

Smoking, and other forms of tobacco use, continues to burn a hole through the wallets of American families and through America’s potential for a healthy future. As part of reforming America’s health system the federal and state governments are taking steps to curb America’s tobacco addiction. This fact sheet examines tobacco use in Virginia and how these new laws and programs might affect Virginia’s tobacco users in the future.

Virginia, Autism and Health Reform

In 2008, over 9000 young people aged 3-21 were living with autism in Virginia. Recently passed state and federal law focuses on assisting Virginians with autism lead productive, healthy lives. 

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