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More States Join Lawsuit Challenging Federal Health Reform Law

In expected post-inaugural moves, new state officials in Wisconsin, Ohio and Wyoming have asked to join the multi-state lawsuit filed in federal district court of Florida.

Free Medicare Plan Comparisons

In a nationwide trend that is gaining support, companies are eliminating health insurance subsidies for nonunion employees older than age 65. Wisconsin Rapids officials implemented the provision and it will begin January 1, 2011; however, it will approximately affect only 17 people. 

Wisconsin Receives $11.3 Million Grant For Reform

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the state of Wisconsin will receive a number of grants to expand the number of primary care physicians and workers.

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Wisconsin: 2010 Tobacco Fact Sheet

The Legacy Foundation’s 2010 fact sheet on Wisconsin’s tobacco usage and state laws.

Issue Area: Wisconsin and Employer-Based Insurance Coverage

Most insured individuals gain health insurance coverage through an employer-sponsored insurance plan. Wisconsin’s rate of employer-sponsored health coverage is even greater than the national average, though the state’s small businesses continue to struggle offering affordable, quality coverage to their employees. This fact sheet examines the employer-sponsored insurance trends in Wisconsin and how new state and federal laws may impact on this vital source of health insurance coverage.

Issue Area: Wisconsin and Obesity

America’s battle with obesity has become an issue of national concern. Increasing numbers of adults, and children, are considered obese, which means having a body mass index (BMI) over 30%. However, the federal and state governments are taking steps to combat America’s obesity problem. This fact sheet discusses obesity, as it relates to Wisconsin residents, and what Wisconsin’s government is doing to help their constituents.

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