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NCHC acknowledges the generous support of The California Endowment and all of our participating organizations and strategic partners without which this work would not be possible.

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Investments in Community Health Centers – Where’s the Dough?

While the federal health reform law authorizes $11 billion in new investments for the expansion of community health centers nationwide, California health clinics are forced to survive on short term loans until state law makers approve a new fiscal budget.

California Hospital with CLAS (Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services)

California’s health care providers continue to wrestle with how to cost-effectively provide linguistically and cultural appropriate care to an increasingly diverse population.

CA Approves Insurance Premium Increases

California’s largest for profit insurer, Anthem Blue Cross, won state approval for an average 14% premium rate hike for individual policy holders.  The increase is effective October 1, 2010.

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Need CA Health Stats? Look No Further!

Dig deep into California health issues with comprehensive statewide data files on a variety of topics. 

Almost 25% of Californians Lacked Health Insurance in 2009

A recent UCLA fact-sheet shows that in 2009, the rate of Californians without health insurance approached 25%

New State Health Data Released: How Does California Compare?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released new state health data on its “State Snapshot” website. This site includes a wealth of information related to state health quality, as compared to national quality benchmarks.

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California Allies in Action

Reducing Disparities Requires More Than Just a Law

In a report released by the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network, Ignatius Bau offers an analysis of the potential benefits of health reform, specifically those related to reducing health care disparities. Bau concludes his analysis by describing the complexities of making these potential benefits a reality.

A Helping Hand to CA’s Small Businesses

Small Business Majority and Families USA commissioned a study that found that nearly 80% of California small businesses will be eligible to receive a tax credit in 2010. 

Small Business Majority Amplifying California’s Small Business Voices

Since enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), Small Business Majority has been active in California with policy makers, small businesses, media outlets, health policy experts and advocates to amplify the voice of small business owners. 

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In 2008, more than one in four adults aged 55-64 applying for health insurance in the non-group market were denied coverage.

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