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The NCHC Forum Series is an ongoing program of monthly educational briefings that bring together thought leaders, policymakers and stakeholders for timely public discussions about the future of America’s health system. These forums offer opportunities to learn about the health cost and value crisis and to draw attention to innovative policy solutions. The views expressed by the speakers are their own and do not reflect the positions of the National Coalition on Health Care or NCHC Action Fund. Find out more about our upcoming forums and how to RSVP here.


Policy Committee meetings are dedicated to engaging NCHC’s member organizations in off-the-record discussions of challenging policy topics, such as prescription drug pricing, medical liability reform and the role of non-physician providers in new delivery models. These meetings are designed to explore possible areas of compromise and agreement among NCHC members and other stakeholders.


NCHC continues to show a commitment to students, recent graduates and young professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who are interested in engaging in the Coalition’s work. The program is designed to provide educational opportunities and to support the early career paths of participants, who in turn offer their valuable skills to NCHC. In 2012, NCHC built on the successes of its Paul G. Rogers Memorial Scholars Program to bring in fellows and other short- and long-term scholars. Click here to learn more.

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