Advertising Disclaimers

NCHC, is a website that strives to educate consumers on a variety of health-related topics. 

NCHC promotes a healthy lifestyle with research-backed articles medically reviewed under strict editorial standards by health professionals. We work to provide accurate, timely, and easy-to-understand content for our readers. 

The company is financed by advertisements appearing on the website, social media platforms,  applications, and partner publications. The editorial staff works independently of advertising with content supported by scientific evidence to ensure authenticity and trustworthiness. 

We may collaborate with sponsors to provide co-created or branded content and host sponsored content. We clearly indicate this type of content for the readers’ awareness. 

Our marketing and advertising procedure is detailed below:

Ad Reviews 

We have the exclusive discretion to determine which advertisements are showcased on NCHC. We maintain the right to dismiss, revoke, or delete any ad whenever we see fit and for whatever reason. In the event of such actions, the advertiser will be alerted without delay and given an explanation. Additionally, we alone decide on the positioning of advertisements on the website.

Sponsored And Editorial Content

While we may be sponsored by certain service providers, research entities, and manufacturers, our users still receive the latest research-backed insights and information. All sponsored content is still subject to our stringent editorial guidelines. Our medical review team oversees and approves all content appearing on NCHC. Despite financial gains from sponsorships, our primary focus of delivering the most up-to-date information about medical practices, medications, and therapeutic procedures remains. 

Partner Programs

From time to time, NCHC forms partnerships with products, services, or entities that align with our mission. We critically assess the quality of these offerings and engage only with those that align with our standards and are in the users’ best interest.

We will neither supply the products or services featured nor conduct medical reviews of the content. We will clearly make partner-related content visible to our readers and state that it bypassed our standard editorial scrutiny, yet adheres to our Ad and Sponsorship Policy guidelines. We may also make a note specifying that NCHC and its collaborators might receive a portion of the sales proceeds if a product is purchased via a provided link.

Affiliate Marketing

While crafting blog posts, our health and wellness team might include links to products they deem beneficial for our audience. Even though every product is handpicked with care, it’s worth noting that NCHC may receive compensation if you make a purchase on the retailer’s site after clicking on one of our links within one day.

Unaccepted Ads

We have a strict policy against endorsing or displaying any ads we perceive as factually incorrect. For pharmaceutical advertising, we only recognize indications approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Moreover, the products promoted should be readily available for purchase in the market. 

NCHC stands against hosting ads that endorse or promote:

  • Hazardous, illegal, or disapproved products or services, including but not limited to alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco, fireworks, gambling, firearms, ammunition, explicit content, political propaganda, misleading narratives, or emergencies.
  • Content that mischaracterizes, disparages, discriminates, or targets against individuals or groups based on attributes such as age, origin, color, race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Information that’s threatening, misleading, slanderous, or derogatory.

Every advertisement displayed will clearly identify its source. We also ensure that ads that could be confused with our editorial content are distinctly labeled to avoid ambiguity.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us